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Wilson Noble : MA Music and the Environment / Reflective Study and Creative Responses Exploring the Question “What Does Scotland Mean To Me?”

A blog and online journey capturing and exploring creative, reflective, and musical responses to research conducted during my time as a mature student studying the MA Music and the Environment degree with the University of the Highlands & Islands.

The research I conducted and creativity I explored has all been set out within the parameters, theme and question of: What does Scotland mean to me?

As an indigenous Scottish man, I have found it is a journey of self-discovery, individual creativity, musical exploration, and spirituality, all with just a wee touch of Scottish Nationalism.

I hope you enjoy your time here. To begin, click on the post links on the right hand side of the page (under the header ‘Posts‘). Here you will find a series of seven blog posts spread over a nine month period (Sep 2017 – May 2018). The best place to start is with my first blog titled ‘It Begins…